photo by Wesley Baertsch
My name is Raphael Umphres. I am a writer, photographer, and humanities educator from San Diego, California, where I live with my wife, Karris. 
My work focuses on documenting and exploring the relationships between people and each-other, their heritage, and their earth. I write to tell the truth, and I take photographs to prove it. 
I grew up in the diversity of the American Southwest. My formative years in New Mexico were filled with direct contact with people, the Earth, and the open sky. These experiences lead me to pick up a camera and a notebook at the same time, that I might use poems, stories, and captured light to document the world around me. Above all, I want to leave the world better than I found it, and to that end, the path I've chosen stands to honor the stories which that world may tell, learn the lessons those stories might teach, and pass them on to you. That is who I am.


My work in freelance writing/editing is rooted in the firm belief that the written word and the photographic work go hand in hand, and are absolutely essential to all projects. Real life, as it really is, is full of intricacy and wonderful complication; the right writer can make your story come alive. I have contributed out-of-the-box freelance work in content creation as a photographer, copywriter, and editor to businesses, artists, and authors. 

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